Team Bonding Through Games

Working in a close team have always been a challenging tasks and as team manager or leader, you have the responsibility of making sure that the team gels well together and maintain strong working relationships with each other. Sometimes, some teams just work well together while others need a little bit of extra work to find a dynamic that works for all members. So today we have complied a list of activities that can be done to strengthen and bond the team’s relationships with other members.

Escape rooms

This is rather a new novelty activity that has become a hit all over the world. As the name suggests the main activity includes being placed in a locked room with a number of players and you are given a clue that leads to another clue which leads to another clue and continues so until you finally figure out your escape. Solving the clues require teamwork and a certain insight into the themed escape rooms. Escaping these rooms have proven to be quite a challenge and one that can be better achieved by working together rather than working alone and being stuck. The fact that you cannot leave until you figure out the clues serve as the best motivation and the team dynamic allows for certain roles to adopted by the players. Also as this serves as a different setting as to a workplace, sometimes the strongest players might be those you would not ordinarily expect in such a setting.


Paintball has been the dream come true for all strategists and those who want the thrill of being the hunter but want to avoid the ethical downside. The cohesion of combative unit has always been one that has been applauded and what better way to make a team work than get them to understand that their survival depends on the trust and reliance of the other members. Much like any strong team exercise, the activity will cause each player to have to adopt various roles and the strongest players and leaders will end up in leadership positions and instruct the rest of the players accordingly. As this takes place in an environment that is completely different to the one presented in the workplace, it will bring out different sides of each member.

The key with using these team bonding games is that they will allow your teams to connect with each other within the dynamic of their workplace relationship but outside of the workplace setting which makes the whole process a little less awkward and forced.

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