How to Teach Your Child Life Skills While Having Fun

Games and past times have been part and parcel of our childhood that we never really gave it a second thought, but what we never considered is that by taking part in these games we have inadvertently developed a number of social skills that are proven to be valuable. There are a number of skills that we develop, so today we have compiled a list of some of those skills.


Working as a part of a team is a necessity of surviving in society. By taking part in activities such as team sports like soccer, baseball or volleyball, a child learns how to work as a part of a team and what exactly comes along with working in a team. They will learn that sometimes there are tasks that cannot be accomplished alone and you can better achieve them as team. They will learn that in order for a team to work everyone needs to play their part and that everything ends up contributing towards the bigger picture, the victory of the team.

Listening to others

Another important lesson or skill that children will learn when they take part in games with others is listening to the opinions of others and taking them into consideration. Whether it’s deciding on which game to play or deciding teams and the rules amongst each other, children will learn that if they want to keep playing with others, they need to learn to get along with others and part of that is listening to others. This is a skill that if taught at a young age, will help them learn how to get along with anyone at a later age and when they go into the adult world.

Accepting differences

Being part of a team or taking part in games will teach and show children that not everyone is the same, that everyone has their differences and that they must be accepted for those differences and be included. By this exposure to different children whether by way of team sports, scouting, clubs, band or simply by playing with the neighbourhood kids, they will see that not everyone is the same and that despite this they all should be allowed to play together.

What games and such teach us as children are what we realise that we use in a slightly more serious role as adults. As children, we never realised that what we learnt at a young age stuck with us in ways we never really thought of as adults. So by teaching your children these skills, you will only be helping their future while still letting them have great memories.

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